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Students often ask how to learn a language quickly, or how to learn online without a tutor. The truth is there is no magic method that will get you instant results. The best way to improve is to practice the skills you need, often, and sometimes with someone who knows the language better than you. Knowing more about linguistics (how languages work), how humans learn languages, and general ways to enhance learning will help you be a more efficient language learner.


Why BeFluentish?

Being "fluent" means different things to different people. It depends on YOU : your needs, your desires, your goals. How you get there is relative too. What do you enjoy? How do you like to learn? There is no one size fits all method for language learning. That's why BeFluentish will help you reflect and create your own learning plan. BeFluentish is here to help you stay motivated and be accountable to the personal goals you set. Working with an online English coach is different than working with a language tutor. We work together as a team, and you are in charge of your learning.

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BeFluentish offers private online language courses tailored to your individual goals. We discuss your goals and what you enjoy doing when practicing a foreign language. Then we make a learning plan to help you meet those goals and start working towards those goals together.