More About BeFluentish

Background & Philosophy

BeFluentish was born out of the simple idea that language learning should not be standardized. Each student has different preferences and learning styles. Each student has different interests. Each student has different wants and needs. Students often feel like their English isn't good enough. They feel nervous and worried about using English socially or professionally. Moving away from a perfectionist, fixed mindset about learning is important to remove the pressure and anxiety we can feel in speaking a new language.


Learning English online with a language coach is different than learning with an English teacher or language tutor. A coach doesn't just present you with grammar explanations, drills and practice activities. A coach will help you discover your potential, become a more efficient learner, and make progress towards your objectives. Language learning should be a personal experience in which you use English creatively and socially to accomplish goals you have set for yourself.


I am a polyglot that speaks English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and other languages at different levels of fluency. While completing my Bachelor's in Linguistics and my Master's in Applied Linguistics : Teaching English as a Foreign Language, I studied the research behind language acquisition and the science of learning. Sharing this information and helping language learners find self-confidence are my main goals. Students should feel motivated and empowered to make decisions about their language learning process. I am here to guide you and feel comfortable Being Fluentish.

I am a neurodivergent coach with experience helping other neurodivergent folks in their language learning journey. I can help learners with dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory Processing difficulties and autism. Neurolanguage Coaching® is a great framework for the neurodivergent tribe. It allows us to take charge of our learning experience and find our strengths.


Professional Experience


B1 English Course Instructor - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 2020 - 2021

Private English and Spanish Language Tutor - Self-Employed from 2010 - Present

Linguistic Consulting Services for Tech Companies - Self Employed from 2016 - Present

English and Spanish Language Teacher at CFA de Bourges Apprentice Training Center (France) 2017-2018

Volunteer English Teacher in Chiguayante (Chile) - Programa Ingles Abre Puertas/English Opens Doors Program from the Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations July 2014 - Nov 2014

English Language Assistant in Chartres (France) - French Ministry of Education 2010 - 2011


Certified NeuroLanguage Coach TM - 2020

MA in Applied Linguistics : Teaching English as a Foreign Language - FUNIBER Consortium, Universidad Europea del Atlántico, Santander (Spain) Jan 2020

BA in Linguistics, minor in Teaching French as a Foreign Language - Université de Rouen (France) Jun 2013

Language Learning Experience

Native Language : English

First language : French 4 years

Spanish : 2 years

Brazilian Portuguese : 6 months

Italian : challenge in Feb 2020: 1 month to low intermediate level

Languages I want to learn: Arabic, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese…